January 03, 2023

Good Stuff to Start the Year Off Right

  • Apsona Multi-Step Reporting Case Study of Data Geeks Labs 

  • Guest Blog Post: How Flow Saved My Job

  • NPSP Community Sprint

  • Data Geeks Labs is Speaking at the NTC in New Orleans in April

November 28, 2017

Avoiding the Stephen King Ending

  • Don't Let Your Salesforce Project Have a Stephen King Ending

  • Automating Campaign Management: Use The Flow, Luke

November 06, 2017

Find Us at Dreamforce!

  • TJ Is Speaking At Dreamforce 2017!

    • ​Ask an Expert

    • Sustainable Development Affordable & Clean Energy

    • Open Source Community Contributor Corner

    • Weathering the Storm of Change Management

August 21, 2017

Special Edition: Vote for NTC!

  • Vote for Fellow Data Geeks Lab Nonprofit Sessions for NTEN's 2018 Conference

    • Building trust in a CRM (or any database for that matter!)  | Submitted by: Emily Wilson, Acumen

    • What does it actually take to become a data-driven non-profit? | Submitted by: Emily Wilson, Acumen

    • Getting more out of your data with analytics: Turn data into stories | Submitted by: Robert Weller, Save The Bay

    • Automating the Journey: How marketing automation and drip campaigns can transform your online fundraising | Submitted by: Robert Weller, Save The Bay

August 04, 2017

Point-and-Click Your Way to Awesomness

  • Point-and-Click Your Way to Awesomeness with Process Builder

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