Strategic Guidance
Strategic Guidance

Whether you are brand new to this whole Salesforce thing, have had an implementation gone wrong, have grown out of your current setup, or just want to maximize your data capabilities, we can craft a strategic solution for you.

Our projects are not templated - we know the right questions to ask to provide a solution that fits your organization's needs.

Implmentation & Customization
Implementation & Customization

Implementing and/or configuring the right Salesforce setup is just fun (for us, at least).  We can shepherd you through the process so your daily business processes are affected as little as possible.

Whether it is a new implementation, an upgrade, a customization, or a migration, we get it done right the first time.

Thought Partnership
Thought Leadership & Partnership

Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to that speaks the same Salesforce and data language as you, and sometimes you need another set of eyes on your project plan and poke holes in it.

If you're planning an in-house project, but need a thought partner to help you navigate some of the complex challenges or unknowns, we can help you.  

Get expert collaboration on your terms.

Luminate Migration

Working in a Luminate database can be messy and painful, but getting out doesn't have to be.  The intricacies involved with translating the LCRM data structure into a more manageable, and scalable, database requires an expert. Successfully migrating one is a challenge, but we Data Geeks have migrated multiple organizations off LCRM under budget, ahead of schedule and with minimal user impact.

"TJ is the only person that I trust to do a Luminate migration."

Data Wrangling/Cleansing

If your data is a mess, it doesn't matter how dialed in your database structure and integrations are.

Let us Geek out on your data and clean it up.  

Assisted Admin/Ongoing Support

Maybe you just need a little extra help.  We're here for you.

We offer both structured maintenance and as-needed support to keep your database in tip-top condition.